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April 19, 2014

Handwriting Without Tears® services for pre-K and kindergarteners are available in Charlotte

Handwriting Without Tears¬Æ (HWT¬Æ) is a therapeutic curriculum that teaches pre-printing, printing and cursive writing skills to children of all ages and abilities. HWT¬Æ was developed by an Occupational Therapist using child-friendly language, child development concepts, and fun teaching techniques.  All of the HWT¬Æ techniques are developmentally based, which means that a child builds upon the skills he has mastered.  It is a multi-sensory approach that incorporates posture, strength, grasp, coordination, perception, and writing.   

Kids can benefit from HWT¬Æ even during the pre-kindergarten years.  In fact, HWT¬Æ has a program made just for that age group that includes music and fun activities and targets grasp and finger strengthening, trunk strengthening, pencil grasp, pre-writing shapes, learning to write name, and drawing a picture of a person.  Specially designed HWT¬Æ workbooks and other materials also support skill building.

As a child grows, he can transition into the other HWT® programs for lowercase printing, uppercase printing and cursive writing.

Kati Berlin, MS, OTR/L, Melissa Petcu, MS, OTR/L, and other members of the occupational therapy team at Child and Family Development, offer individual and group services with the HWT¬Æ approach. 

Visit the Handwriting Without Tears¬Æ website for more information at