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August 3, 2016

Gross Motor Milestones: toddler (9-12 months)

crawling       standing       toddler

Gross Motor Milestones: toddler (9-12 months)

* Pivots in circles to reach objects in sitting
* Scoots short distances to get to toys

Prone (Laying on his/her tummy)
* Transitions between laying down, sitting, and hands and knees
* Crawls on hands and knees 
* Pushes up to hands and feet

* Pulls up to standing at objects frequently
* Stands holding on with one hand and playing with a toy with the other
* Lowers self down from standing at an object to the floor with control
* Cruises along furniture moving in a sideways direction
* Stands for a few seconds independently
* Begins to walk with hands held or a push toy

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