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August 10, 2016

Gross Motor Milestones: child (3-5 years old)

jumping  line

Gross Motor Milestones: child (3-5 years old)

Here’s a list of gross motor milestones for children 3-5 years old:

Mobility Skills
Imitates standing on one foot for 8-10  seconds
Stands on tiptoes without moving for 6-8 seconds
Jumps over low obstacles and jumps 24-36″ forward
Walks on a line on the floor like a balance beam
Runs with arms swinging back and forth, pushing off the balls of their feet
Walks up and down stairs without a railing with one foot on each step
Hops forward 5 times on one foot
Begins to skip, gallop, and complete a forward roll

Ball Skills
Catches a tennis ball by trapping it to their body, progressing to catching it with hands only
Throws and hits a target with a tennis ball 5 feet away, taking a step forward with the opposite foot

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