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August 1, 2016

Gross Motor Milestones: baby (3-6 months old)

supine     prone     sitting

Gross Motor Milestones: baby (3-6 months old)

Supine (Laying on his/her back)
* Holds head in line with his/her body when pulled up to sitting
* Rolls from back to side
* Reaches for and grasps small toy
* Begins to reach for knees and/or feet

Prone (Laying on his/her tummy)
* Rolls from belly to back
* Pushes up onto hands with straight arms
* Begins to move around in a circle while on his/her belly

* Holds head steady in supported sitting
* Sits with some support around his/her waist
* Bears weight through his/her legs with support at trunk
* Begins to sit for a few seconds independently, leaning on his/her hands

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