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July 27, 2023

Games for Preschoolers: Fostering Fun and Learning Together

By: Sydney Alencewicz, RBT

Preschoolers are full on boundless energy and creativity which makes group games the perfect outlet for their more than active imaginations and social development. As parents, you can encourage your little ones to engage in these games that provide fun as well as valuable life lessons and require no materials at all! Let’s explore some favorite group games among preschoolers that each offer unique learning experience that expand beyond playtime.

Duck, Duck Goose

Duck, Duck Goose has been a beloved game for generations with preschoolers still asking to play it today. This interactive game is not only fun but also evokes a strategic mindset in even the youngest of players. As the children sit in a circle and one child walks around tapping others, they begin to strategize on choosing a “goose”. This decision-making process evolves as they realize that selecting the right person gives them a better chance at succeeding, that is, a second turn at picking a goose! This game offers immediate feedback on their choices, allowing them to learn from their decision and adapt accordingly.

Red Light Green Light

Red Light Green Light is a fantastic game that teaches young children important lessons about patience, listening, and leadership. One child act as the “stoplight,” the others line up and try to reach the finish line by walking/running on “green light” but must stop on “red light.” The game encourages kids to patiently wait for the right moment to move forward and increases their listening skills as they must pay attention to the stoplight’s commands or risk going back to the starting line. When the children take turns being the stoplight, they gain valuable experience in leadership and communication during situations like having to tell a friend you saw them move and then sending them back to start. This builds their self-confidence and cooperative abilities.

Rock Paper Scissors

The classic game of Rock Paper Scissors hold an ageless appeal that transcends cultures and generations. Its simplicity makes it easy for preschoolers to learn and play, making it a go-to choice for fun anywhere, anytime. This entertaining game introduces the concept of decision making and consequences. Children will quickly grasp the idea that each choice (rock, paper, or scissors) has its strengths and weaknesses, creating basic understanding of strategy and winning. The best part is, this wonderful game can be enjoyed throughout life making it a timeless favorite. Best 2 out of 3?


Group games are an essential part of a preschooler’s growth, offering opportunities for fun and learning simultaneously. Duck, Duck Goose ignites their strategic thinking and decision making abilities. Patience, leadership, and listening skills are instilled through rounds of Red Light Green Light. Rock Paper Scissors provides an easy-to-learn introduction to strategy and consequences. Playdates, family gatherings and even downtime at home are great times to encourage your little ones to engage in these games. Not only will they have a blast, they will also develop fundamental life skills that will benefit them in the years to come. The best part is, no extra materials. Anytime, anywhere these games are sure to bring endless smiles and precious moments, happy parenting J