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February 8, 2022

Expressing Love on Valentine’s Day

By: Kristen Menapace, CCC/SLP

Communication is much more than speaking with words. It can include gestures, facial expressions, actions, writing and so much more. Here are 14 different ways kids can express their love for someone:

  1. Tell them “I love you” or “I care about you”
  2. Hugs! If it is not with family, you should ask first!
  3. Write a short note: “I love you because..”
  4. Draw a picture of you and your loved ones
  5. Give a gift, such as a painted rock
  6. Complete a game together, such as who can find 10 red items first!
  7. Complete an unexpected chore, like making your bed AND your brother’s bed!
  8. Blow a kiss
  9. Say nice words, such as “I love your new glasses!”
  10. Make artwork into a memory, such as a handprint on a coffee mug
  11. Bake a yummy treat
  12. Make a card: “Happy Valentine’s Day! XOXO”
  13. Play “I spy… things I love!”, which could include a family pet, blanket, applesauce…
  14. Snuggle while watching a movie or reading a book (If you give a mouse a Valentine’s Cookie; new Clifford movie)


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