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November 17, 2015

Executive Function and School Demands: How an Educator can help


Tonight, Jessica DeLing, M.Ed., Educational Specialist at the Midtown office of Child and Family Development will lead a presentation about Executive Functioning at The Fletcher School- Rankin Institute.  

The discussion is based on one of our most popular tutoring and academic coaching programs called Mind, Body, Backpack (MBB).  MBB teaches children strategies to help them be successful in school is a wonderful complement to any curriculum. This group provides a fun, structured and engaging way to teach your child meaningful strategies for managing executive functioning skills.  Children are supported and encouraged as they apply these skills to their unique situations.  Topics include:




Sustaining Attention

Task Initiation


Self Advocacy

Goal Directed Persistence

Planning and Prioritizing


Self Regulation

Time Management

The work is designed to be an enjoyable, interactive way for children to build executive skills, specific to their age and grade level expectations.  Via research-based practices, participants will have the opportunity to strengthen executive functioning skills, reflect on their personal learning styles, and apply these strategies in a meaningful way. 

The educator provides immediate feedback to the students, in order to creates awareness of learning and foster opportunities to practice new skills.  Along the way, she will help to develop age-specific executive function skills that will support life-long learning. The leader provides resource ideas, home and school carryover suggestions and program review to parents. 

Join us this evening to learn more about executive functioning skills.  Connect with us in the office to see if the MBB program is right for your student.