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April 13, 2017

End-Of-Grade (EOG) support for CMS students from C&FD experts

The End-Of-Grade (EOG) assessments are approaching in Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools.  Over the past few years, there have been some changes with the implementation of the Common Core and Read to Achieve.  The level of expectations are on the rise.

The educational specialists at Child and Family Development help students prepare for the EOG’s.  All of the educators have worked as teachers and diagnosticians in our public school system. 

Strive For Five is an intensive one-on-one program that reviews the reading and math standards learned over the school year. Preparation techniques, critical study skills and effective test-taking strategies are covered to maximize performance and get the student and parents ready.  It is designed for 3rd ‚Äì 5th graders preparing to take the End-Of-Grade (EOG) Assessments. 

The goals of the program are to review all standards taught during the school year, learn test-taking strategies, acquire positive life-long study habits and instill confidence in your child and include:

  • Review Common Core reading standards based on grade level
  • Review Common Core math standards based on grade level
  • 5th graders only ‚Äì Review Common Core Science standards
  • Learn test-taking strategies such as referencing the text and identifying key information
  • Learn ways to manage stress prior to the test day and the day of the test
  • Learn positive study habits (notecards, reading out loud, study guides, etc.)
  • Tips for parents to support their child leading up to the test and ways to support them the days of the testing

Read about the program here. For more information, call 704-541-9080 to connect with Marie Arrington, MAT.