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December 17, 2015

Educator, Marie Pacini Arrington, recommends book about executive functioning and studying

Marie Pacini Arrington MAT, educational specialist at the Pineville office of Child and Family Development, often references and recommends a book titled Smart but Scattered: The Revolutionary “Executive Skills” Approach to Helping Kids Reach Their Potential, published in 2009 by Peg Dawson and Richard Guare.

The authors describe the book this way: “The latest research in child development shows that many kids who have the brain and heart to succeed lack or lag behind in crucial ‚Äúexecutive skills‚Äù–the fundamental habits of mind required for getting organized, staying focused, and controlling impulses and emotions. Learn easy-to-follow steps to identify your child‚Äôs strengths and weaknesses, use activities and techniques proven to boost specific skills, and problem-solve daily routines. Small changes can add up to big improvements–this empowering book shows how.”

Marie agrees that it is an excellent resource for any parent, educator or clinician working with a child who has executive functioning difficulties. During intervention, Marie adapts and customizes the charts from the book to help families establish a variety of daily routines with their children, including:

  • Preparing for tests
  • Managing homework 
  • Study schedules
  • Study strategies

The book is available at many book stores and online.  Click here for a link. 

Contact an educator for help to develop and implement an appropriate plan for your child and home!



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