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August 19, 2015

Don’t Take Our Word For It: therapy blasts from the past

Child and Family Development could not be more proud to celebrate 35 years of service in 2015!

One thing is better– reconnecting with former clients and hearing success stories!!     

This month, 2 moms shared these sentiments (paraphrased and de-identified to protect their privacy):

  • My son was one of the very early clients of C&FD.  I had been told there were things that he would never do and he was unable to draw or write when he started kindergarten.  Now, he graduated from NCSU, has studied many languages and is an accomplished musician.  He came a long way from the kid with motor disabilities.  Child & Family Development holds a special place in our hearts. 
  • My child received services from your physical therapists for many years.  They had a huge impact on our family.  I love Child & Family Development and refer other families and professionals to you often.