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February 4, 2016

Don’t Take Our Word For It! Physical therapy for pelvic floor and core improvements.


Gail Fennimore, PT PCS is one of the most experienced and tenured physical therapists at Child  and Family Development.  In addition to her pediatric clinical specialist (PCS) certification, Gail has specialized training in pelvic floor dysfunction training and offers evaluations and treatment for related conditions.      

Recently, one mother expressed how these services benefited her child. She shares… 

When my daughter was 5 years old, she was diagnosed with Tethered Cord Syndrome and had surgery on her spinal cord to relieve pressure on the nerves going to her bladder and causing constant incontinence.  The surgery was successful, however, over the next year she had lasting problems from what we assumed was nerve damage.  The only diagnosis the urologist could give for the remaining incontinence was Overactive Bladder Syndrome and we put her on medication for that.  However, the medicine did not help.  In fact, it made the symptoms worse so we had to take her off of it.  The more I learned about Overactive Bladder Syndrome I did not feel that this was the correct diagnoses for my daughters remaining symptoms.  

After realizing the neurosurgeon and urologist had done all they could do medically, we started searching for other answers and are so blessed to have found Gail Fennimore.  She has helped us realize that the lasting incontinence is largely caused by my daughter not having been able to develop proper use of her pelvic floor and surrounding core muscles for years leading up to the spinal cord surgery. Through physical therapy with Gail, we have seen significant improvement in my daughter’s ability to recognize and control her bladder functions.  She has also worked on her core strength, which we didn’t even know had also been impacted due to the tethered cord. 

We are very thankful for the services and wealth of knowledge Gail Fennimore has provided, not only to my daughter, but to our entire family!  

Read more about Gail’s expertise in pelvic floor dysfunction here.    



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