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March 10, 2016

Don’t Take Our Word For It: Educational Specialist helps family with academic success


Marie (Pacini) Arrington MAT is an Educational Specialist at the Pineville office of Child and Family Development.  She works with children, teens and young adults, providing diagnostic evaluations and educational support to students and parents.    

Recently, Marie received a wonderful note just after discharging someone.  The family shared:

“I want you to know you played a huge role in getting <my son> to where he is today.  You‚Äôve been a great teacher and encouragement to him.  You‚Äôve been a guide, support, ear to listen to my frustrations and an encouragement to me too.  You‚Äôre great at what you do and I‚Äôve valued your input over the years more than anyone else.  It‚Äôs just crazy how many doors were opened along the way, each person we met leading us to someone else, and you being one of those special people.  Thank you just doesn‚Äôt seem sufficient, but we so appreciate all that you‚Äôve done for us.  I will miss you but I‚Äôm sure we‚Äôll see you again.  I need to work out summer camps, and maybe we‚Äôll do something educational too.”

Marie and the other members of the pediatric therapy team are ready to help your student too!