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October 5, 2014

Developmental Milestones for an 18-Month-Old

The developmental chart on the Child and Family Development website contains information about milestones for children ages 0-6 years. Here is an excerpt: 


When I am 18 months old, I can…

  • echo your speech intonation patterns
  • use jargon speech with about 10-20 real words
  • talk with mostly unintelligible speech
  • talk in 1-2 word phrases
  • use gestures, like pointing, to help me communicate
  • follow some simple directions
  • know the names of more familiar pictures and objects
  • bear weight in my arms and my legs
  • enjoy a variety of movements and positions
  • lean over to pick up an object
  • walk independently without falling
  • walk up and down stairs with help
  • run with frequent falls
  • attempt to kick a large ball
  • remove my shoes and socks
  • throw a ball with improving forward motion
  • stack small objects
  • make marks on my paper instead of only scribbling
  • copy some simple scribbles
  • turn pages in book
  • eat and drink without difficulty
  • use a spoon without lots of spilling
  • drink from cup with little spilling
  • play a ‚Äúput-in‚Äù game
  • play a ‚Äúdump-out‚Äù game
  • enjoy mirror play with my own image
  • get your attention vocally or physically
  • bring objects to show an adult
  • copy or mimic your activities, like brushing hair
  • hug you and enjoy being hugged, cuddled, and touched
  • play near others, but not with them

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