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April 18, 2016

Autism Conference Vendor Spotlight


Child and Family Development is pleased to spotlight the vendors for the upcoming Autism Spectrum Disorder Conference: A Multidisciplinary Review of Current Research and Interventions.  Click on each name to learn more about the organizations. 

Courtagen Life Sciences

At Courtagen, we understand that finding answers about complicated neurological and metabolic diseases can be a quest for many parents and a challenge for their doctors. Courtagen tests help to uncover your child‚Äôs unique genetic profile, which may make a real difference in the explanation of their symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and day-to-day quality of life. 



Fundanoodle is an education readiness program designed by pediatric occupational therapists and elementary school teachers to develop and improve the motor skills needed for success in and out of the classroom. Fundanoodle places an emphasis on the foundation skills that impact nearly every aspect of life.  The benefits of Fundanoodle are broad based and lifelong because they enhance the skills and abilities used in everyday living.  


North Carolina Connections Academy

North Carolina Connections Academy is a tuition-free virtual public school for students K-10.  New to North Carolina, our schools have been in existence since 2001. Currently, more than 60,000 enrolled students study from home or wherever there‚Äôs an Internet connection. Our mission is to provide a personalized approach to education that prepares students for a future filled with possibilities. We tailor instruction to the needs, learning styles, and interests of every student, so each can reach his or her own potential.  


Philips Academy

Philips Academy is a community of learning unlike any other in Charlotte. Designed specifically to meet the special needs of students requiring a life-centered approach to education, our school offers a unique combination of remediation, practical instruction and community-based application.  Our mission is to provide our students with the academic, occupational and social skills needed to be self-reliant, confident and contributing members of their communities. 


TEACCH Autism Program

TEACCH Autism Program provides services such as diagnostic evaluations, parent training and parent support groups, social play and recreation groups, individual counseling for higher-functioning clients, and supported employment. In addition, TEACCH Autism Program conducts training and provides consultation for teachers, residential care providers, and other professionals. Research activities include psychological, educational, and biomedical studies.


We look forward to learning more at the conference in Charlotte on Friday!