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April 6, 2016

Autism and Preschool: Tips from AOTA

AOTA American Occupational Therapy Association

The Child and Family Development team is excited about our upcoming conference, Autism Spectrum Disorder Conference: A Multidisciplinary Review of Current Research and Interventions.  The conference includes 3 breakout sessions, including some related to preschool aged children with autism.



The American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) has many useful resources., including a list of tips to support preschoolers  Occupational therapists help litte ones with ASD and recommend these suggestions: 

Prepare yourself and your child for preschool 
  1. join a play group so your child can practice being around other kids
  2. attend story time at the library and other places so your child can learn to sit quietly and practice taking turns and following rules
  3. play games like Follow The Leader to practice taking turns and following rules
  4. go to public places to practice waiting in line
Understand what going to preschool will mean for your child
  1. learn about preschool programs in your area and research options 
  2. participate in open houses and planning meetings
  3. visit the school with your child to get familiar with the staff and classroom
Share information about your child with the school
  1. share early intervention evaluations and reports with the school leaders 
  2. share successful routines from home with the school staff
  3. ask staff to describe a typical day so you can understand expectations and identify possible issues
  4. carryover routines and new skills from school at home

An occupational therapist can evaluate and treat children and teens to help them “live life to the fullest”. 

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