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December 5, 2014

Add Learning to Your Holiday Celebration


The holidays bring a break from the daily routine of school, but learning can still be a part of your fun and festivities. Our Educators have some great ideas. 



¬∑        Whether you are traveling or staying at home, journaling keeps those writing skills fresh.  Depending on the child‚Äôs age, this activity might include pictures and words, short sentences, or a paragraph.  Story writing helps children to organize their ideas and can record memories for a lifetime.

¬∑        If you travel to a new place, visit museums and landmarks in the area.  These destinations offer tours and hands-on activities that teach history and culture.  Children learn best by becoming actively involved, and they will undoubtedly recall the experiences for years to come. 

¬∑        Read some each day.  Children might enjoy a chapter of a favorite novel during a short break from activities.  Families can also read together from stories or articles about family traditions.  Ask questions and talk about the events, characters, and ideas described in the story.

¬∑        While shopping for those final gifts, engage your children in the experience by giving them a job.  As you move down the aisles, younger children can look for items that have a specific shape, color, or name that begins/ends with a certain letter sound.  Older children can use mental math to figure out costs and change.

¬∑        Give the gift of learning that lasts for weeks and months to come.  Many stores have entire sections devoted to educational toys and games.  These activities provide fun practice with numbers, shapes, colors, spelling, rhyming, math skills, trivia, and logic.


Students with learning disabilities and developmental delays benefit from consistent review and practice with the skills that they have encountered in school.  By making the most of even small moments, your child will be ready to jump right back into school when the new year begins.