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May 14, 2015

A Physical Therapist can help your child learn to ride a bike

Are you tired of watching everyone’s kids ride a bike while your child sits out?

Have you tried everything–training wheels, camps, running down the street beside your wobbling child?  

Do you wonder why it seems that your child just cannot learn to ride a bike? 


There may be specific factors interfering with this childhood rite of passage.  Factors may include:

  • decreased coordination
  • reduced balance
  • lack of physical control
  • poor safety awareness
  • sensory processing difficulties
  • poor attention
  • visual difficulties

Physical therapists are trained to assess and treat these factors, related to motor, movement and thinking skills.

A Physical Therapist can analyze and address these factors so your child can make progress toward riding a bike safely and competently.

You will be thrilled with the methods we use and the progress your child will make, once you know what skills are missing and the steps to take to help your child learn to ride. 

We look forward to the smiles, as we all watch your child pedal, balance, steer, brake, and monitor their environment with more independence and skills than ever before!   

The Process

First, an assessment will determine what factors may be impacting your child.  Next, a customized program plan is developed, including regular suggestions to follow at home. 

Then, treatment begins.  Typically, we suggest an intensive program, so your child can potentially make major improvements in his/her biking skills in a short amount of time. 

A bike and helmet must be brought to every appointment.  We‚Äôll help you unload and load the bike, if needed.  All other equipment will be provided by Child & Family Development.


Individual treatment sessions will be scheduled in advance. For this program, we recommend a total of 10 sessions, 1-3 times per week. 


If the Physical Therapy evaluation reveals certain deficits, it may be possible to bill this service to insurance as physical therapy.  Regular deductibles and co-pays apply, as well as any authorizations, as applicable by funding source.  A family may also pay privately. 


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