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December 28, 2016

C&FD physical therapists agree: “Bundle Up and Get Outside”


The Outdoor Recreation team at Fix recently published an article titled “Bundle Up and Get Outside: Why Kids Should Play Outside In The Winter” and the Child and Family Development physical therapy team endorses it readily.

They share, “Winter is coming, and unfortunately it‚Äôs a time where children are forced to play inside due to a negative attitude towards cold weather. This illustrated guide explains how outdoor play has many benefits to a child’s health and development including: strengthening new muscles, gross motor skills development, exposure to fresh air and vitamin D, and developing problem solving skills. The article also features 12 fun outdoor activities, and tips on how to dress to combat the cold. This year, let’s face winter with a positive attitude and have some real fun!”

Benefits include:

  • Children get to see the outdoors through a new lens
  • Increases in Exercise and Using Different Muscles
  • Getting Fresh Air and Avoiding Bacteria
  • New Challenges and Problem-Solving
  • Vitamin D Exposure

Activity ideas include:

  • Snow Flag
  • Spray Paint Art
  • Target Snowball
  • Nature Tic Tac Toe
  • Ice Balls
  • Snow Search
  • Ice Sculpture
  • Snowflake Magnifying
  • Frozen Bubbles
  • Light Snow
  • Snowman Hat Trick
  • Nature Walks

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