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May 15, 2021

Benefits of Educational Services

By: Child & Family Development Education Team

Every child has their own learning preferences and needs. Similarly, every parent has their own level of awareness and understanding of their child’s learning style. Accessing educational services can be very beneficial to students and parents alike.

Academic Strengths & Weaknesses

Working with an Educational Specialist can help families identify academic strengths and determine the reason for academic difficulties. Psychoeducational evaluations are often used to determine presence of a Specific Learning Disorder (i.e. dyslexia); however, informal diagnostic evaluations and screenings can be used to target intervention or opportunities for enrichment. Understanding a child’s unique learning profile can help guide recommendations to improve overall performance. Educational Specialists help parents understand how their child learns while share strategies for learning and expectations for progress.

Targeted Educational Therapy

Offering individualized support for learning differences is critical for school success. Contrary to traditional tutoring, educational therapy services use research based methods taught by educational specialists, to target specific skills. This service aims to complement the instruction a child receives at school, while providing personalized opportunities for guided practice.


Navigating your child’s education can be overwhelming during the best of times. This past year has a very unconventional time in education. This pandemic has changed the way we think about teaching, learning and the academic experience for students. Educational Specialists can offer suggestions, support and peace of mind regarding your child’s education.

    • Virtual learning & Hybrid learning models
    • Transitioning back to school
    • Working with your child at home
    • Concerns about progress
    • Observations you’ve made while working with your child
    • Promoting positive communication with your child’s teacher
    • Initiating evaluations and 504 Accommodation plans at the school level
    • Understanding your child’s IEP or 504 Accommodation plan

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