Services Provided

Treatment Services include counseling, educational therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, psychotherapy, and speech and language therapy. Our goal is to remediate delays and maximize potential. We offer individual and small group services. Review the menu at left for a more thorough review of specific services we provide.

Evaluation and Treatment of High Risk Infants and Preschoolers is a service provided for children whose beginnings were more problematic, including such conditions as prematurity, complicated pregnancies and deliveries, or early diagnosed developmental delays. We endorse early intervention and use early screening/ evaluations to monitor and track these babies and children.

Developmental Screenings are for young children, birth to 6 years, whose parents want guidance and information about the normally progressing child as well as the child who may have delays. We look at a broad range of skills, seeking to guide families as we explore the strengths and weaknesses of children.

School Readiness Assessments of children ages 4 to 6 years provide valuable information to teachers and parents on school readiness, learning styles, appropriate learning environments, and developmental strengths and weaknesses. We recommend this service for ALL children prior to beginning a formal kindergarten experience.

Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluations are available for any age child who exhibits emotional, developmental, educational, medical, or behavioral problems. Our primary referral sources are the pediatric medical community, schools, and parents. We work closely with your child's doctor or school to tailor the evaluation to answer the questions needed to maximize growth.

The Family Clinic: Multi-Modal Management of ADHD and Related Emotional Issues occurs at our Midtown office, and is offered in collaboration with Dr. Pleas Geyer, M.D. of Carolinas Medical Center. The treatment goal is to carefully monitor and support children who are in medication therapy for diagnosed ADHD/ADD and related emotional disorders.

Parent Based Services include programs designed to teach parents how to play a proactive role in helping their children reach developmental milestones. Parent education is also offered on many topics.