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May 18, 2016

What is Speech Therapy?



Speech therapists can help with communication, eating and more. 

We provide services to children, teens and young adults with developmental, neurological and congenital impairments.  Services can be habilitative (learning a skill for the first time) or rehabilitative (becoming more proficient at a skill or relearning a skill).  We focus on improving a child’s ability to interact with and enjoy his environment.  

If you notice difficulties in one or more of these areas, an evaluation and treatment may be appropriate: 

  • Articulation/ Phonemic Awareness
  • Auditory Processing 
  • Communication

  • Oral Movement for speech and eating 
  • Phonological Awareness/ Phonological Processing
  • Voice/ Fluency 

Some of our speech therapy specialty services are:

Click here for more information on the Child and Family Development speech therapists at our Charlotte and Pineville offices!