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December 14, 2015

Speech therapist, Amy Elder, completes apraxia course


Speech therapist, Amy Elder MA CCC-SLP, completed a continuing education course called “Children Who Struggle To Speak: The Kaufman Speech To Language Protocol”. 

The course focused how to help children with Apraxia of Speech begin progressing immediately from a simple core vocabulary toward phrases and eventually to sentences and even conversational speech.

Many children are unable to speak or are unintelligible because they either lack an adequate repertoire of consonants and vowels in isolation, or because they have difficulty combining the oral motor movements necessary to form words. Quite often the above deficiencies are rooted in the neurological condition of apraxia of speech. Due to the prevalence of this condition, it is important that early intervention clinicians be comfortable diagnosing and treating this population.

Amy shares, “This conference expanded my knowledge about Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) and provided me with another great tool for my toolbox!  I often use the Kaufman Speech to Language Protocol when working with children with apraxia, and this conference gave me new ideas, techniques, and confidence for treating children with CAS.  Nothing makes me happier than helping a child who wants to talk, but struggles to be understood, improve.”

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