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February 6, 2017

Physical Therapy safety checklist: navigating streets and parking lots

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The Child and Family Development physical therapy team helps kids and teens learn safe navigation in their community.

This can include stairs, exits/entrances, outdoor terrain and even street cross-sections.

Physical therapists sometimes use this safety checklist to assess skill level and identify hazards.


Does this child do the following?:

  • Choose an appropriate route or accessible access as needed including beginning and end location to cross the road/parking lot

  • Stop appropriately on a sidewalk, the edge of a road, edge of parked cars to view traffic

  • Acknowledge and obey cross walk indicators when present

  • Looks left and right before proceeding

  • Listen or answer appropriate questions regarding sound   (i.e . notices sounds of nearby engines, backing sounds, etc)

  • Notice visual indications of cars backing up as appropriate (such as reverse lights)

  • Hold an adult’s hand if decision making skills are under an age equivalency of 10 years OR walk beside others if older than 10 years in decision making

  • Choose an appropriate initial pace crossing

  • Modify pace appropriately when crossing as determined by oncoming cars

  • Continue to look left and right while crossing

  • Understand Walk and Don‚Äôt Walk Symbols at crosswalks

  • Know and press appropriate button (when available) to trigger Walk Symbol at crosswalk 

  • Continue to monitor crosswalk indicator for changes

  • Walks when the symbol changes to Walk

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