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July 18, 2023

Physical Therapy for School Aged Children

There are so many benefits to physical therapy for school aged children. Physical therapy is not limited to only rehabilitation after an injury. Physical therapists work to decrease chronic pain, improve movement and coordination, and help kids excel in their daily activities. This checklist is helpful if you are unsure if your child/student would benefit from physical therapy. Look for the following observations, especially for new students starting kindergarten. If your child struggles with any of the following skills, then a referral for physical therapy is recommended. Visit our website to request an appointment. Our team of therapists offer complementary phone consultations for new clients to help determine if physical therapy is right for your child.

  • Has trouble participating in gym class or physical activities, mainly non-behavior related.
  • Does not want to climb on the playground structures, mainly non-behavior related.
  • Appears clumsy or awkward while moving or playing
  • Walks on tip-toes most of the time
  • Has difficulty running, jumping or coordinating their movements
  • Trips and falls significantly more than others his/her age
  • Has difficulty keeping balance in gym class or during any physical activities
  • Has difficulty catching or throwing a ball
  • Has difficulty getting dressed, using buttons, zippers or laces
  • Appears weak, or lacks muscle tone (floppy movements)
  • Gets physically tired very easily, or needs to sit out from physical activities
  • Appears to be in pain or discomfort while moving, or reports being in pain or discomfort
  • Any safety issues for the student or their peers during physical activities

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