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April 12, 2016

OT Month reflections from an occupational therapist



April is Occupational Therapy Month and our Melissa Petcu is reflecting on her profession.   She shares: 

Occupational therapists help their clients live a meaningful life, usually as independently as possible. Goals and treatment can look quite different depending on the stage of life a client is in. As a pediatric occupational therapist, play and skill acquisition are critical components of every session as children develop by exploring their environment. One area of importance to all occupational therapists no matter the clientele is the area of Activities of Daily Living (ADLs).  ADLs address self-care skills like functional mobility, feeding, dressing, bathing and toileting.

Looking specifically at the areas of feeding and dressing, skills develop in a progression as follows:


by 12 months Pincer grasp for finger feeding; Dips spoon in food
by 15 months Holds cup with both hands; Scoops with spoon
by 18 months Drinks from cup without spilling
by 24 months Use of utensils is mastered; Pieces food with fork



by 12 months                       Begin to assist with dressing by pushing an arm through sleeve or picking up a foot to step in/out of pants
by 24 months                 Undressing of coat develops and continues to help removing pants
by 30 months Putting on t-shirts, shoes, socks with minimal assistance;  Zips jackets (engaged)
by 3 years  Buttons buttons 
by 3 1/2 years Dressing with supervision
by 4 years Independent with zippers and other fasteners including shoe buckles and belts

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