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February 4, 2014

One child’s success story…


Each month this year, one client will be asked to share their C&FD story.  We‚Äôre a few days late, but our January story is all about Weslyn‚Ķ.

She has been visiting us since she was a little one and worked with different therapists.  Of course, her favorite is her current physical therapist, Leslie Holmes, DPT.  Leslie says this girl welcomes everyone- other kids, new staff and students- and always helps to keep the room clean and ready for the next activity. 

Weslyn says that she likes all of the people here.  She most enjoys using the swings during therapy sessions.  We came up with some ways that her hard work here has helped her when she is someplace else, including:

  • Home:  safe stepping and navigating around the house without falls
  • School:  more strength to do all the things middle schoolers do
  • With Friends:  cheerleading and bridges squad

Thanks for sharing your story, Weslyn!  We are glad your family chose Child and Family Development.