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June 24, 2013

No, we are not there yet! Apps and DVDs for the ride

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Keeping kids entertaining in the car while on a road trip isn’t always easy. Packing your iPad or laptop? Choose apps or DVDs that are fun but educational:

Dr. Seuss Beginner Book Collection: Bring the magical storytelling of Dr. Seuss to your iPhone or iPad. This app puts five of the author‚Äôs works onto your mobile device and adds interactive options to the reading experience. It can follow along as you or your child reads the story. It will highlight words when a picture is touched and add sound effects, among other features. Click here for info on the app or to download it.

Kids Maps: If your kids are going to be traveling, they might as well learn some geography, right? Kids Maps presents the U.S. map as a puzzle game. Aside from having fun and learning where the states are located, this tablet app also teaches children fun facts about each state. Click here for info on the app or to download it.

ABCya: This app contains games for children in grades K-5 in every subject area.  There is something for everyone.  Some favorites include, Time Travel, Fraction fling and Spanish word BINGO. Click here for more info on the app and to download it.

Have a DVD player in your car? Leapfrog has a series of fantastic DVDs that are fun to watch and teach math and literacy skills. Math Circus, The Talking Letter Factory, and The Great Word Caper have been kid tested by my own children and get two thumbs up. They are roughly 30 minutes each and can be found at Target or