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August 5, 2016

Gross Motor Milestones: baby (6-9 months old)

crawling        sitting         standing

Gross Motor Milestones: baby (6-9 months old)

Supine (Laying on his/her back)
* Rolls back to belly
* Begins to push up to sitting independently

Prone (Laying on his/her tummy)
* Moves from sitting to tummy
* Pushes self backwards on his/her tummy
* Pulls self forward on his/her belly
* Pushes up to hands and knees and rocks

* Bounces when held in standing and begins to pick feet up one at a time
* Sits independently, can play with toys and can catch self on hands if he/she loses balance

* Begins to stand holding onto a sturdy object
* Begins to pull up to standing at a sturdy object

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