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June 16, 2016

C&FD Developmental Milestones for a 3-Year-Old


When I am 3 years old, I can…

  • begin symbolic play
  • begin cooperative play and share with others
  • cope with changes to my routine
  • talk in short 3-4 word phrases with mostly intelligible speech with some sound or word repetitions
  • pronounce /y,k,g/ clearly
  • name many common objects and grow my vocabulary
  • use many nouns and verbs
  • ask and answer simple questions
  • describe actions in pictures and in my environment
  • tell you my full name
  • follow 2-3 part simple directions
  • recall 2 or 3 numbers to build my memory
  • identify some parts of my body
  • enjoy physical activities and play
  • rise from a squatting position to stand up
  • kick a large ball with forward leg motion independently
  • jump forward with both feet
  • walk up stairs with alternating feet
  • walk down stairs with or without holding a rail
  • stand on 1 foot for 1-2 seconds
  • do more fine motor work with my fingers and hands
  • work on my pencil grasp
  • copy a drawing of horizontal and vertical lines
  • copy a drawing of a circle
  • trace some simple marks on a paper
  • hold a pencil or crayon correctly with my fingers and thumb
  • thread a bead or shoelace
  • attempt to cut paper with children‚Äôs scissors
  • manage clothing during toileting
  • try to ride a tricycle
  • line up objects in a row

The developmental chart on the Child and Family Development website for information about milestones for children ages 0-6 years. 

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