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November 7, 2017

BENEFITS OF A BOOK CLUB for typical or struggling students: sharing in a safe setting


Follow us throughout November as Marie Arrington MAT, Educational Specialist shares the benefits of her Navigating Through The Novel services, especially framed around a HOLIDAY BOOK CLUB

Holidays are one of the busiest times of years! Between parties, days off from school and other festivities that seem to fill the calendar, it is hard to keep up! However, one thing that does not have to get ‚Äúlost in the mix‚Äù is your child‚Äôs reading routine. Marie is offering a holiday book club series to help ensure your child does not skip a beat when it comes to their regular reading routine, for school or pleasure, while on their holiday breaks! 

Benefit #1: Book clubs offer students the opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings about a book in a non-judgmental, open setting. Through my book clubs, I create a space where every child, no matter what their reading ability, can feel confident to participate. Together, we build a strong reading culture that excites students to read on their own, complete their activities, and then come back ready to discuss what they read!

Students can use a recommended book or one from their list.  Read more about Child and Family Development Navigating Through The Novel services here.   

Contact Marie at 704-372-9652 ext. 216 to develop a customized plan for your student.