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May 7, 2014

An Educator is thinking of her favorite teacher during National Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week is a special time to celebrate educators who give so much of themselves and make an impact on the lives of children.  Mary Froneberger, Educational Specialist, wants us to remember. 

Teachers truly can shape the future of a child. I am sure we can all remember that one teacher that really made an impact on our lives. Mine was Mr. Warrick, my fifth grade teacher. He made learning so interesting by providing hands-on, multi-sensory instruction as well as structured games and activities to allow us (the students) the opportunity to really show what we learned. Now, I can see as a teacher that this method of teaching is not only fun for the students, but it is also one of the most effective ways to truly educating the students. Multi-sensory instruction is now a type of instruction that is typically highly recommended for students with learning disabilities and attention disorders. However, it ultimately benefits everyone.