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June 2, 2014

Summertime Education Intensives

Make time for some learning this summer!

Our Educational Specialists are offering Intensive Programs based on specific subject areas. Intensives can focus on one subject area or a combination.  Kids can benefit from just one program or a series of programs over time. 

Subject Areas

‚Ä¢Reading & Spelling: We use the Orton-Gillingham approach in teaching the structure of the English language.  Students will engage in tasks to stimulate and strengthen the underlying processing areas of phonological processing in order to improve their reading and spelling abilities.

‚Ä¢Oral/Reading Comprehension & Verbal/written Expression: We teach the visualization process in response to language; that is, students learn to generate images in response to the words they read and hear.  We improve high-order thinking (executive function) so kids can share main ideas, infer, predict and summarize written and verbal information, as well as generate thorough and accurate summaries.

‚Ä¢Math Foundations: We help kids who struggle with math, starting with the development of math concepts and strategy building skills.  Content includes Number Sense, Patterns/Relationships (Algebra), Addition and Subtraction. 

‚Ä¢Math Support: We emphasize the five mathematical proficiency strands: Understanding, Computing, Applying, Reasoning and Engaging.  Instruction can include Common Core state standards.  The goal is to ensure students are ready for the next grade level skills. 


1-hour appointments are available, according to your family‚Äôs schedule.  We recommend 3-6 sessions per week, with up to 2 sessions per day. Students can benefit from intensive programs over a 4-12 week period. 


The total cost of Intensive Programs will vary based on the number of sessions.  Based on the Educational Services Agreement, each session is offered at a reduced rate of $65.00.  Weekly fees are due at the beginning of each week.  Sessions cannot be rescheduled and money will not be refunded for missed time.


Jessica DeLing, M.Ed., Educational Specialist               ext.123

Mo Froneberger, MAT, Educational Specialist                  ext. 219

Marie Pacini, MAT, NBCT, Educational Specialist                      ext. 218


C&FD will be closed 11/24 and 11/25 for Thanksgiving!