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May 19, 2014

Summer is almost here: Summer Camps around Charlotte, NC

As summer quickly approaches, many parents have already registered or are looking to register their child in a Summer Camp.  Here are some resources that are in and around the Charlotte, NC area that may be appropriate for your child.  Think about what you child is interested in and choose a camp that caters to those interests and furthers exploration and skills in that area.  Also consider a camp that provides additional support in an area that challenges your child.  For example, if your child has poor core strength, encourage them to participate in a martial arts, gymnastics, horse back riding, or swimming camp.  If your child has weak fine motor skills, encourage an arts and crafts or Lego camp.  All children can benefit from the social experience provided by summer camps.  Here at Child and Family Development, we are offering several services over the summer from handwriting groups, social skills groups, and educational intensives.  Please contact us for more information about specific programs offered here.

Mecklenburg County Parks and Recreation 

Free Summer Fun for Kids

Chalotte Nature Museum

Charlotte Parent

UNC Charlotte Summer Camps

YMCA Camps

Charlotte Summer Camps

Special Needs Camps

Kids Special Needs Camps

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