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August 30, 2017

Starting 9/5: Fall 2017 C&FD Psychology Social Skills Program


Register now! Child and Family Development FALL 2017 SOCIAL SKILLS PROGRAM begins on September 5. The program is led by several C&FD psychologists

Curriculum-based materials will be utilized to improve social, emotional, and self-regulatory strategies and skills. Meetings will include a short lesson and opportunities for practice (e.g., role-playing, activities and games). Acquisition of skills can lead to reduced stress and anxiety, improved school performance, healthier peer relationships, and better management of emotions and reactions. Parent handouts will be provided regularly that review content and offers suggestions for working on that week’s skill at home. Focus will be on skills including conversational skills, choosing appropriate friends, appropriate use of humor, being flexible, having get-togethers, being a good sport, responding to teasing/ bullying and handling disagreements.

45-minute sessions are weekly for a consecutive 10-week period. Additional programs, including for other ages and other difficulties, may be offered as interest exists.

FALL 2017 OFFERINGS (Pineville office only)

  • Weekly meetings begin the week of 9/5 and run through mid November
  • Options for flexible age grouping based on interest and clinician availability
  • Groups meet Tues, Wed, and Thurs during afterschool hours (4:30 and 5:15 start times)
Boys 7-8 Tuesday 4:30
Boys 9-11 Tuesday 5:15
Boys 14-16 Wednesday 4:30
Boys 12-13 Thursday 4:30
Girls 13-14 Thursday 5:15


Programs are offered in 10 session bundles. Full payment of $500.00 is required at the time of enrollment.

We accept cash, checks, or Visa/MasterCard. This is a self pay service that cannot be submitted to insurance. Parents/guardians are responsible for payment. In the case of divorced parents, foster care parents, etc., the adult who arranges for services for the minor is responsible for payment. C&FD is not responsible for billing or collecting from any other party. There are no refunds for canceled or missed appointments. C&FD is not responsible for missed appointments and will not pro-rate the total rate for missed sessions. To ensure optimal placement, a diagnostic interview is required for clients who are 1) new to C&FD or 2) have not participated in a psycho-educational evaluation within the last year, before enrolling to review presenting concerns and medical history. This service may be billable to insurance. Most of our psychologists are in-network with Aetna and BCBS. Unexpected provider-cancelled sessions will be rescheduled to a designated make-up date and offered at no additional cost. Weekly attendance is strongly encouraged to build continuity of skills. Attendees make more progress with consistent attendance to review and practice skills.

Gretchen Hunter, PhD

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