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July 28, 2015

Social Skills Group for Girls


This summer, two psychologists at Child and Family Development are offering a Social Skills group for girls, ages 7-12 years old.

There are available spots for the following group:  

GIRL’S GROUP: August 3-6


The Social Skills Group is designed to be an enjoyable way for children to get support and insight from their peers, with the facilitation from a child psychologist. The psychologist leads discussions and introduces positive strategies for interacting with others. 


Activities and topics will include:

  • confidence building
  • conversational skills
  • coping strategies
  • mindfulness
  • peer review
  • role play
  • social situation practice response
  • turn taking 

This experience may be an adjunct to individual therapy and can be extremely valuable in helping your child feel and be more connected to others.  Each person participates in group discussions and will have the opportunity to share experiences and get feedback from others.

Prior to the first group session, a psychologist will complete a brief screen to ensure that participation is beneficial, largely based on conversational skills.  

Click here for a printable flyer. 


Groups are scheduled on Monday-Thursday for 1-hour sessions from 1:00-2:00 PM. 


A family may pay privately or use insurance. Regular deductibles and co-pays apply.  Prior authorization applies, as applicable by funding source.  Group services are $60/session.          


Call the Midtown office at 704-332-4834 to connect with a psychologist: 

Aleksandra Liss, PsyD, LPA

ext. 136

Devon Redmond, PhD

ext. 126