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June 3, 2014

Social Butterflies Club‚Ñ¢- spots open for Charlotte area groups this summer

Social Butterflies Club‚Ñ¢ was founded in 2004 by Rhonda Osisek M.S., CCC-SLP in Virginia.  It is widely used across the country. Visit for more details. 


The Club helps kids learn how to interact with peers while having fun with sensory and speech activities combined.   The kids in the group have a variety of diagnoses, such as expressive and/or receptive language problems, sensory processing difficulties, and fine motor deficits.  The goal is to teach the kids how to communicate with peers in a positive way.


Each child is screened before being placed into a group. The groups are formed based on each child‚Äôs communication skills, social ability and age.  Sessions are co-led by 1 Speech Therapist and 1 Occupational Therapist at the Pineville/ South Charlotte office.

The Club meets for four 1-hour sessions, Monday-Thursday. Two groups are offered this summer. Kids can enroll and benefit from consecutive groups. 

UNDER THE SEA:  June 23-26

BACK TO SCHOOL: August 18-21


The cost is $200.00.  Payment is due at the time of registration. 


Michelle Pentz