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June 29, 2015

Occupational therapist, Courtney Stanley, celebrates 6 years at Child and Family Development

Courtney Stanley marks 6 years at Child and Family Development this month! She is an occupational therapist at the Pineville office.  

Courtney shares what she likes about her work:


As an occupational therapist, I am an integral part of the uniquely comprehensive and multidisciplinary team at C&FD. 

I strive to support children in building basic skills needed to play and interact with others and their surroundings and to participate in home, school and community environments to the best of their abilities. 

Being surrounded by fun and engaging people and activities is motivating and energizing both for the children who play here and those who work here. 

I look forward to coming to work to teach children new skills through multi-sensory play experiences.  Who wouldn‚Äôt when that means you can swing, play twister, crawl through tunnels, and jump on the trampoline?!


Happy C&FD Anniversary!

Read more about Courtney’s extensive training here.  

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