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July 31, 2016

Mo Froneberger, educational specialist, celebrates 10 years at C&FD


Happy C&FD Anniversary to Mary “Mo” Froneberger

Mo Froneberger MAT is an educational specialist at the Pineville office. She is celebrating 10 years at Child and Family Development this month.   

Mo is a North Carolina licensed special education teacher. Over the last decade, her work has focused on diagnosis and treatment of school-aged children with learning disabilities, ADHD,  autism and emotional disorders.  Her passion is diagnosing and treating individuals with dyslexia. She also enjoy helping parents learn more about how to advocate for their children in school, particularly public school settings and including support and assistance with guidelines and processes of school services such as IEPs or 504 plans.

A colleague shares:  

Mo is an ideal educator and coworker.  She is knowledgeable and willing to share her expertise with colleagues and parents.  Her enthusiasm for working with families and children is contagious. I’m always learning something new from Mo.