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July 17, 2017

Marie Arrington, educator, celebrates 4 years at C&FD 


Happy C&FD Anniversary to Marie Arrington

Marie Arrington MAT NBCT is an educational specialist at the Pineville office. She is celebrating years at Child and Family Development this month.   

She shares a touching and hilarious story about how she knew the right career path for her: 

In college, I volunteered for the Michigan Special Olympics summer games. Since I had student teaching behind me at that point, I went into that week thinking that it would be a breeze! So, in my very naive 20-year-old mind, I had this in the bag. Well, low and behold, I did not have it “in the bag.” My first day consisted of spending well over an hour in the bathroom with a swimmer who had, let’s just call it an “incident”, in her swimsuit. Once that was all taken care of, nothing else could go wrong, right? I had seen it all. Nope, that night at a pizza party, two campers in my care snuck two extra slices of pizza by double-stacking their slices on top of each other. Well-played… These of course are not the only stories I have from that weekend, but they are two of my favorite, especially considering they happened within my first 8 hours of being there. Anyways, no matter how tired or “ran over” I felt, I was hooked and I knew that I had to spend the unforeseeable future working with children with special needs. Because what I realized is that we may think they need us, but we actually need them because they make our memories just a little more “special.”


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