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July 12, 2016

Kristin Lyman SLP inserts communication skills into summertime fun


Kristin Lyman MA CCC-SLP is a speech therapist at our Pineville office.  She works with children with expressive language and receptive language delays ranging from infants/ toddlers to teen/ young adults.  

She likes to refer back to one of her favorite ASHA blog posts about incorporating speech and language skill building into common summertime activities. The author, Lisa Geary, provides some examples: 

  • TAKE A WALK: Note out loud the things that you see, hear, discover and enjoy, encouraging your child to do the same. You could also have scavenger hunt, prompting the child to search for and label objects verbally or using a picture checklist. See example checklist above 
  • PLAN A ROAD TRIP: Help the child develop background knowledge or schema, an important database of personal experiences. This will promote a broader vocabulary base and foster personal connections to text and stories. Arrange how to get there, make a list of what you will need and what you will see.
  • MAKE A TREAT: Simple recipes can target a variety of language skills and are a favorite with kids. Practice following directions, using descriptive concepts, sequential vocabulary and more with real tools and materials. 
  • SCHEDULE PLAYDATES: Practice social skills and create opportunities that reinforce generalization. This will foster peer interaction, interactive play and functional communication. 
  • READ: This is one of the best activities to promote language and literacy skills. Studies show that time spent reading is the best predictor of overall academic success.

Read it in detail on the American Speech-Language Hearing Association website here.  

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