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April 29, 2013

How Many Days until Summer Vacation?

It can be hard to stay motivated in school with summer just around the corner.  If your child’s enthuiasm for school is on the decline, consider these creative ways to keep them going strong.

Surprise! :  Make an effort to surprise your child with a weekly note to tell them how proud you are of their accomplishments and hard work.  This can be a notecard in their backpack, words of encouragement tucked in a folder on test day, or a special treat and card in their lunchbox. 

Question of the dayAsking a child about his or her day at school likely results in a one word answer.  If you are met with “fine” or “good,” when trying to get the details of the day, consider asking a different question.

“What is something that you did really well today?”

“Who made you laugh today and why?”

“Who did you sit next to at lunchtime?”

Get crafty!:  Have your child create a poster or scrapbook of their accomplishments up to this point in the year.  Remebering field trips, class pets and fun with friends can be a great way to keep them excited about school.

A different spin on homework:  When checking your child’s homework, pretend to be the student and ask your child to “teach” you.  As your child explains their thinking, they will likely find their own mistakes. 

An A+ for effort:  Look for progress everywhere.  Consistently recognizing your childs effort can go a long way in motivating them.  Noticing the way they handled a particular problem, the extra time put into an art project or the initiative they took to read a more challenging book, can be great causes for celebration!

Fun Family Friday parties: End the week with a family celebration.  This can include dinner out at a favorite restaurant or a quiet night movies and snacks; while celebrating the sucsesses of the week.