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August 19, 2016

Fall 2016 Psychology Social Skills Groups at Child and Family Development


SOCIAL SKILLS GROUPS will continue this fall at Child and Family Development. The groups are led by psychologists, particularly: 

  • Shavonda Bean LPA
  • Gretchen Hunter PhD
  • Ashley Costner Kies LPA PhD

OBJECTIVE:  To promote social confidence and executive skill building

DESCRIPTION: A curriculum is utilized to improve social, emotional and self-regulation strategies and skills. These skills include improved focus, concentration, and academic performance, reducing stress and anxiety, handling peer-to-peer conflicts, managing emotions and reactions, and developing greater empathy toward others.

Current groups:

Boys   7-9 years old    Midtown office    Tuesday at 5:15
Boys 7-9 years old    Pineville office    Thursday at 4:15
Girls 10-13 years old    Pineville office    Wednesday at 4:15
Boys 10-13 years old    Pineville office    Thursday at 4:15
Boys 13-15 years old    Pineville office    Thursday at 5:15

All groups are approximately 45 minutes.

Additional groups, including for other ages and other difficulties, may be offered as interest exists.

People may join at anytime, as sessions are ongoing.  

COST: A family may pay privately ($75) or use insurance benefits, if available.           


Call our offices for additional information about scheduling and group openings. 

Gretchen Hunter PhD, 704-940-0626, 

Click here for an information page.