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December 20, 2016

Erin Krueger, physical therapist and clinical supervisor, celebrates 9 years at C&FD


Happy C&FD Anniversary to Erin Krueger

Erin Krueger DPT ATRIC is a physical therapist and Clinical Supervisor at Child and Family Development. She is celebrating years this month.   

Erin enjoys working with children to make movement fun and meaningful!  She works at both locations as well as Harris YMCA indoor pool. Each year, she adds new skills to her ‚Äútoolbox‚Äù to best deliver PT, using a variety of treatment methods.  It is very important that PT is advantageous to the child not only in the office, but also at home, in school and in the community. 

A colleague shares:  

I can‚Äôt say enough about Erin. She is brilliant and knowledgeable. She has a good understanding of the body and how it works together as a whole. She is creative and crafty. The kids love her because she is fun and animated. We love her as our supervisor because she is compassionate and has the perspective of a well tenured therapist!