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February 20, 2018

Effective Strategies for Integrating Sensory and Motor Learning.

Congratulations to Katie Kennedy, DPT and Kati Berlin, MS OTR/L, who recently completed a course on practical and effective strategies for integrating sensory and motor learning. Through this professional development course, these clinicians focused on strengthening their skills in the following areas.

1.Develop clinical reasoning skills to identify red flags in child development including physiological, sensory, motor and environmental areas of need for the child.

2.Select interventions based on interdisciplinary roles and needs assessed for specific sensory processing impairments.

3.Describe how the body and mind take in information and how reception translates into appropriate action.

4.Formulate a comprehensive plan to increase function, engagement and participation in daily activities across a variety of settings.

5.Incorporate dynamic and interactive techniques to improve attention, engagement and interaction.

6.Identify ways to support play and learning experiences with technology and interactive media.

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