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December 20, 2014

Don’t Take Our Word For It note for Amy Gossett, Speech Therapist

ALGAmy Gossett, speech therapist at the Midtown office of Child and Family Development, offers a number of social skills groups for Charlotte children. 

Recently, she received a lovely note from a grateful mother: 

“…I just wanted to say Thank You for everything you are doing for <my son>.  I don‚Äôt think I say that enough, but I think it every day!  He has come so far, but he has really blossomed this year.  He is so much more social and confident and smart. The social group is really helping him gain confidence and practice and he is really using those skills at school now.  I didn‚Äôt ever think he would be able to play on the playground in a group setting, but he has been really doing it more and more the last couple of months!”

Read more about Amy’s speech therapy groups on our blog:  Older Kids Group, Younger Kids Group 

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