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April 30, 2014

Child and Family Development celebrates 2 years with Christy Gannon

Christy Gannon, MHA marks 2 years of tenure this month! She is the Practice Manager at Child and Family Development.

‚ÄúGannon‚Äù loves athletics and that is clear from the tidbits she shared. First, she likes to call people by their last names, just like a sportscaster.  She considers one of her best qualities to be fairness- a true good sport!  Christy has had an array of sport injuries- from a dislocated elbow to 3 teeth knocked out- over the years of college and recreational games.  These days, she stays active with her 2 children, including daily tickle monster time.

There’s no doubt- she is a MVP here at C&FD.

Happy C&FD Anniversary!

C&FD will be closed 11/24 and 11/25 for Thanksgiving!