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October 28, 2014

Charlotte child psychologist offers group for girls with anxiety

Winning Over Your Worries (the WOW group)

Our team of child psychologists offers a number of individual and group treatments for kids and teens with anxiety. Starting in fall 2014, Aleksandra Liss, Psy.D. offers the WOW groups:   

o   Girls Group (ages 10-13)

o   Girls Group (ages 13-16)


The group is designed to be an inspiring way for girls to get support and insight from others who also live with anxiety. The therapist leads discussions and introduces positive coping skills and how to apply them in social  situations. Girls will learn about negative thinking patterns and how they impact their mood.  Instead of accepting their anxious thoughts as true, they will learn to identify and challenge these thoughts. Group activities and discussions will encourage everyone to generate more realistic versions of situations and will help them develop coping skills to manage their anxiety. Sessions will also include group discussions, relaxation training, guided imagery, and mindfulness activities. 

This experience may be an adjunct to individual therapy, and can be extremely valuable in helping your child/adolescent feel understood and less alone. Each person participates in group discussions and will have the opportunity to share her experiences and get feedback from others. With the support of the group, she will be encouraged to face her fears and win over her worries!

Parents are provided with resources and education on anxiety.   Parent/ family sessions are available upon request.


At this time, the groups are scheduled for:

o   Girls Group (ages 10-13): planned for Monday 4-5, on an every other week basis

o   Girls Group (ages 13-16): planned Thursday 5-6, on an every other week basis

Sessions are approximately 50 minutes, with 10 minutes reserved for planning.  Additional appointments are available, based on mutual availability. 


Cost may vary based on the number and length of sessions. 


Aleksandra Liss, Psy.D., LPA, Clinical Psychologist

704-332-4834 ext. 136