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March 19, 2015

C&FD celebrates with speech therapist, Michelle Pentz

Michelle Pentz marks 7 years at Child and Family Development this month! She is a speech therapist at the Pineville office.  


Michelle loves the variety and diversity at C&FD. She provides speech therapy services to people of all ages, ranging from someone under 12 months to over 20 years.  She  works with children with rare syndromes as well as kids with mild articulation or language difficulties.  The benefit is a well rounded therapist who can approach every case with intent and enthusiasm.    

She enjoys the multidisciplinary approach at Child and Family Development.  Michelle takes advantage of working under the same roof as other professionals.  She often talks with an occupational therapist or physical therapist.  For example, she has a client who stutters and was talking with the mother about related anxiety.  The open discussion led to one of the psychologists providing some support and collaborating with Michelle to help this child.  

Michelle strives to fulfill our mission of comprehensive and integrated care and we appreciate it! 

Happy C&FD Anniversary!

Read more about speech therapy services here.  

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