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February 20, 2015

C&FD celebrates with Melinda Bumgardner, speech therapist

Melinda Bumgardner, MA, CCC-SLP marks 4 years at Child and Family Development this month! She is a speech therapist at the Midtown office.

Melinda brings so much to her work with clients.  Her ability to relate to and engage children is something that makes her unique as a therapist.  She shares that even before she decided to be a speech therapist, she knew that she wanted to work with children.  She thinks her office space is a reflection of who she is and we agree.  She strives to make everyone feel comfortable and welcome.  Melinda has a slight obsession with children‚Äôs toys and loves to find a new toy or material that can be incorporated into speech therapy sessions ‚Äì at a bargain price of course.  All of her co-workers know that her shelves are the go-to place for awesome games and toys!  

One of her great acquisitions this past year was a play kitchen set for the room.  She like toys that facilitate speech and language and encourage a child to use their imagination.  She shares that the kitchen has been a big hit! We have cooked pizza, made coffee and even ordered food off of menus.  What would you like from the ‚ÄúL Sound Caf√©‚Äù?


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Happy C&FD Anniversary!

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