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December 8, 2015

C&FD celebrates 8 years with Erin Harkins, physical therapist


Erin Harkins DPT ATRIC marks 8 years of tenure this month! She is a physical therapist and the clinical supervisor for the occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy teams.  

Erin made her own TOP 10 list of reasons she loves to work at Child and Family Development: 

10) One day a week, I get to play in the pool.

9)  Hearing children laugh.

8)  I can jump on a trampoline during the work day!

7)  Watching parents‚Äô eyes full of amazement at what their children can do.

6)  Who else can ride bikes around the halls at work?

5)  Endless singing.

4)  I have a swing in my office!

3)  Problem solving to make a child as efficient as possible.

2)  Working with a staff dedicated to improving the lives of children in our community.

1)  The smiles on the faces of children learning and growing!  

Read more about her expertise here.     

Happy C&FD Anniversary!

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